Passion Laundry Liquid, 1000ml

Passion Laundry Liquid, 1000ml

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Passion Aromatherapy:  A passionate aromatherapy blend of essential oils to entice and stimulate.

Aroma Home Laundry Wash for beautifully clean clothes that smell amazing. Our powerful concentrated formulation uses the latest generation plant-based ingredients to leave your clothes clean and fresh meaning less product for a great clean. And our unique aromatherapy blends infuses them with beautiful scents. Concentrated laundry liquids are environmentally beneficial as they save water and CO2 emissions by reducing transportation, plastic and cardboard packaging.

Made in one of the purest places in the world, Aotearoa New Zealand.

Directions : 
Suitable for front loaders, top loaders and hand washing. No dyes and no petroleum-based surfactants. 

Machine Wash: Use cold or warm water in quantity as above

Handwashing or soaking: Always check clothing instructions and check colour fastness. Sort your wash by colour, make sure the laundry liquid has completely dissolved in the water before immersing items. If heavily soiled, leave to soak overnight. Gently squeeze the garments through the wash solution, rinse three or more times, until the water runs clear. Do not soak zips or metal bottoms.

SIZE: 1000ml

4 x concentrate means that you get approximately 40 Washes per Bottle